All About Me

Hi, I’m Christine, a family oriented, disney-addict, champagne-loving, follow your dreams, type of girl – and the the owner Haven & Hasbrook. Haven & Hasbrook was born out of my love for calligraphy and design, and believing that following your dreams and passion is the best way to finding the secret to happiness. I’ve always had a love for handwriting and design and decided to pull in all my past experiences together to launch something I’d be most passionate about. I took my background in design, my experience as an independent business owner, my skill set as a project manager, and my love for calligraphy and brought them together to launch Haven & Hasbrook.




(Anything) Pink!


Walt Disney World


Carry On, by Fun. (our wedding song <3)


Champagne (and I also love sour beers)


The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch

What's In A Name?

It’s actually not a what, but more of a where.  When I was a little girl my grandmother used to sit me down and make me practice handwriting drills for hours.  Fast forward 20+ years later and she is who I have to thank for instilling my love of letters and handwriting.  Although she’s no longer with me I wanted to pay tribute to those long hours as a little girl and decided to name my company after two streets she grew up on: Haven Avenue (in Ocean City, NJ) and Hasbrook Avenue (in Philly).

I wanted to create a shop that attracts those looking for traditional, beautiful calligraphy pieces but also those who may have never considered themselves admirers of calligraphy.  I want to capture clients who are looking for something a little different, whether that’s in the materials I use, the content I choose to create, or the quotes I choose to highlight – I want to connect with my clients and really create what they would integrate into their real life (not just what they post on social media).

Now It's Your Turn

That’s enough of me though – I want to know about you!  I want to help you create pieces that fit your life so well you don’t know how anyone else other than your best friend could have come up with it.